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Tahitian shaft "X-Shaft free"
The precision and charm of silence...
"Rear flap" splicing and integrated tail

The "X-Shaft Free" shaft looks like a common Tahitian shaft, single or double fin, but with two peculiar characteristics. A through hole with an internal diameter of 2.00 mm made near the flap (about 3 cm.) used for the "splicing" of the line, and an end part, carefully machined to operate in direct contact with the internal piston to the barrel.

The original "X-Shaft Free" shaft are made exclusively by Sigalsub based on a STC Italia project. Since the time of the courageous launch they have gained increasing public interest.

Under the agreement between STC Italia and Sigalsub it will be possible to have a greater availability of lengths and diameters. "X-Shaft Free" shafts will also be made available in the versions with tricuspid tip, in diameters ranging from 6.5 mm to 8.0 mm, passing through special sizes such as 6.75 mm and 7.5 mm.
Special steels and accuracy in machining...
The accuracy of the processing of special steels

The Tahitian "X-Shaft Free" stand out for the accuracy of the finishes as well as for the special steels used. The particular processes of the shaft (milling and drilling) are carried out before the particular heat treatment, giving the whole, very high resistance, durability, and a unique hydrodynamic factor of its kind. The particular and accurate internal milling of the passage hole of the monofilament was made with the aim of guaranteeing the integrity of the monofilament even after various fishing actions.

The position of the monofilament passage hole, made before the thermal hardening process, is the result of a continuous test at sea and in the laboratory, based on the shaft's ability to work even in extreme fishing and recovery circumstances.

The hole, positioned 3.0 cm from the end of the flap, is not the result of randomness, but the result of accurate combined shaft / speargun tests to find the best possible set-up on the weapon without penalizing the mass and bearing capacity of the shaft. A hole that is too far back, in addition to causing a too marked excursion of the rod out of the muzzle of the rifle, contributes to increasing the so-called lever effect in the recovery phase, with an evident weakening of the shaft due to too much centrality of the hole.

The hole, made during the machining of the shaft with precision processes, has an internal diameter of 2.0 mm and has a slight "countersink" at its ends, in order to soften the surfaces in direct contact with the monofilament.
Special steels and accuracy in machining...
The hole is an integral part of the "X-Shaft Free" project

The hole, made during the machining of the shaft with precision processes, has an internal diameter of 2.0 mm and has a slight "countersink" at its ends, in order to soften the surfaces in direct contact with the monofilament.

The hole IS AN INTEGRAL PART of the shaft and it is subjected to hardening heat treatment of the shaft. Hardening process that involves every part of the shaft, from the tip to the end milling passing through the recess of the passage hole of the monofilament. The hole is perfectly central to the diameter of the rod. It is not an added or welded element, but an integral part of a system that makes strength, speed, silence, resistance and safety.

A dynamic, very small, light and hydrodynamic "slide ring" is supplied with the shaft.

In order to block the travel of the "slide ring" towards the end of the shaft, very comfortable and very common "stoppers" in green silicone are supplied, very light and with the aim of cushioning the travel of the "slide ring" in absolute silence and safety.

"X-Shaft Free" details make the difference...
Detail of the tip
"Fin" positioning
Detail of the drilling
The integrated tail
...the journey will proceed with other steps, some smaller, some larger, but all necessary to be a cutting-edge reality...


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