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STC Italia

TC Italia realize special equipments for spearfishing.

We realize spearfishing tech components using hight tech quality materials.

In last ten years the spearfishing has improved the safety level and also the obtainable performances.

We want reduce all kind of frinction in pneumatic guns: only reducing friction we will have a good performance independently from pressure.

This is the reason for wich we made our products:

"X-Power system", "X-Runner system", "X-Grease", "X-Lube", "X-Shot"...

"X-Power" is a watertight muzzle that prevent the water to come into the inner barrel of the gun, in this way the piston will have to push out only the shaft and not the water and the shaft. With "X-Power" system the shaft will go out more fastly and we 'll need less atm in our guns. That's meanless wear in each components, less recoil and the manteinence of the same pressure at each depth we'll fish!!

Claudia Cerasomma - STC Italia

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