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STC ITALIA Spearfishing Tech Components
STC Italia produces spearfishing equipment.
We are searching for innovative materials and solutions that improve the performance of spearguns.

In fishing with oil-pneumatic spearguns our mission  is to reduce friction. Paying attention to the correct assembly of the weapon minimizing any source of friction will lead to better performance, regardless of the preload pressure.

So we created the "X-Power" muzzle, a liquid-tight modular muzzle (European Patent), the purpose of which is to prevent water from entering the barrel of the rifle. The absence of water inside the barrel allows, at the moment of the shot, to let the piston out without having to contrast the column of liquid in front of it: the shaft will go out faster than  in a gun with water inside.
The absence of water in the barrel requires less effort during expulsion and therefore a lower pre-charge than that required in "flooded" rifles. Preloading the rifle less allows for better weapon management and less wear on the internal components.

The absence of the water column also avoids the insidious "recoil" effect at the moment of the shot, all to the advantage of the precision of the shot. Having an "empty" barrel also improves the set-up of the rifle as a whole, making the application of external floats and / or stabilizers sometimes unnecessary.

The reduction of friction has characterized the "X-Runner" piston (XRP11VAC, XRP13VAC, XRPAIRVAC), made of self-lubricating material with optimal tolerances with respect to the internal measurement of the rifle barrel, this to guarantee the seal without exceeding the friction. We have eliminated the cup gasket of the pistons to facilitate greater lubrication and to further reduce friction. The groove for inserting the Teflon grease allows the piston stroke to be lubricated. The seat for inserting the o-ring was made of steel to ensure the piston requirements persist over time and to maintain dimensions and tolerances over time even in conditions of extreme use.
Lubrication has an equally important role. The oleo-pneumatic rifle has an absolute need for "oil" to allow the rapid sliding of the piston and to keep the internal mechanisms in "health". The protective function of the lubricant is obtained both with respect to the salinity of the water and with respect to the condensation that forms inside the rifle due to the thermal differential. But the main function of the lubricant is represented by its ability to reduce friction, and for this reason we have created "X-Lube", the lubricant made up of 99% micronized TEFLON, capable of relating to the aluminum walls of the internal barrel of the rifle, helping the piston to "slide" faster inside.

The desire to reduce friction also concerns the preparation of the shaft. For this reason our washers are very light and titanium. With the "X-Shot" slider we have also given traditional rods an additional weapon in terms of hydrodynamics, lightness and high penetration capacity.

To reduce the friction of the shaft, we have developed the "X-Shaft Free", which, having no washer and line slider, as well as being much quieter, have shown themselves to be faster than traditional shafts. The shot is more powerful as it has no elements that can offer resistance in the water. These are our products, but the desire to reduce friction leads us not to stop and to continue our intervention in all those parts of the speargun that can be improved today.

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