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Pneumatic spearguns:

  • Overhaul, repair and installation of pneumatic spearguns;

  • Repair and restoration of pneumatic spearguns type ̇Mirage;

  • Improvement of general performance of pneumatic weapons.

Prior check of the weapon:

Upon arrival of the speargun at the company, we proceed with a prior check of the same as a whole. In case of obvious difficulties to proceed, we inform the customer of the impossibility to "operate" interventions on the speargun through conventional operations.

Otherwise we proceed to a short analysis of the parts "in good conditions" and the parts to replace totally. Also in this case, we inform the customer of the parts that have passed or not the "test" of reliability (test carried out visually by checking the status of the components one by one).

Upon completion of the preliminary check, and only after receiving the authorization from the Customer, we proceed with the repair/revision of the speargun as a whole.

Conventional repair/review:

It is performed every two years on all pneumatic speargunss that have carried out previous checks at a service center. It consists in the classic replacement of the gaskets (all) with new original certified by the manufacturer. The lubricant is reintroduced and the working pressure is restored according to the tables provided by the various manufacturers. Only at the explicit request of the customer, we preload the weapon at higher pressures, but without exceeding the limit of 30 atmospheres.

Repair/overhaul with replacement elements:

It is performed in case the speargun has components compromised by too much stress from use. This category of components includes bushings, pistons, aluminium inner pipes, coupling/unhinge systems and levers and/or springs. The damaged elements replaced, will be returned to the customer for greater transparency. To confirm all this, we send to the customer the complete list of replaced codes together with a "report" extensive and detailed regarding the intervention. The latter, numbered and written in duplicate, may be useful for any new interventions on the speargun, as a reminder of the interventions already carried out.

Repair/revision Mares "Mirage" spearguns:

Deserve special attention the repair/revision of the fabulous "Mirage" of the glorious Mares company. Speargun with more than 30 years of honored service on the shoulders but still in vogue at a large stage of underwater fishermen young and old. A unique weapon in its context, which despite its age has rediscovered a new "youth" thanks to some new solutions currently on the market. A weapon equipped with two internal aluminum rods, one for armament and the other for preload, capable of throwing a rod of 8.00 mm. at "considerable" distances with preloads of 35 atm and more, with a minimal arming, thanks to of an ingenious as complex and delicate solution of transfer of air between the barrel and the tank.

The repair of the "Mirage" is a very delicate and complex operation. The speargun is disassembled as a whole. Each element is checked and disassembled one by one. The internal block is also completely disassembled, consisting of springs, little balls and sometimes unobtainable seals. Even the handle is completely disassembled, to allow the operator to completely eliminate any saline and concretions formed over time.
This operation also allows us to verify whether the repair will be successful or vice versa. The modules with massive presence of oxide (the common rust) are completely regenerated and sometimes rebuilt completely. The internal springs and balls are cleaned and ground in order to obtain a better yield at the time of the re-coupling with the rubber parts (the gaskets). We don’t charge for lubrication. Technical grease of the best brands and lubricating oils of different densities depending on the state of degradation of the inner barrels.

After assembly, we propose a preload not exceeding the 27/28 atmospheres in order not to compromise the plastic parts of the weapon, the only ones not more replaceable for the impossibility of re-provisioning from the headquarter (Mares S.p.A.).

At the end a detailed "report" will be prepared for the Customer including the list of the parts replaced and the various "steps" served for the regeneration of the weapon.

For all levels of repair and/or revision, is finally inserted in our database a census card and related intervention, complete with dates and data of the speargun and the customer. Under the authorization of the Customer himself, we will periodically extend our intervention for a new "ticket" to your precious spearfiishing colleague.

Before sending your pneumatic speargun...

Before sending your speargun to our laboratory, please fill in this short "form" to perfectly illustrate all the operations to be performed on your gun. We thank you very much for the valuable collaboration !!!

Before filling in and sending the form...

Read carefully the information pursuant to the R.E. 2016/679 - G.D.P.R. "Privacy"...

I declare that I have read and received the information required by art. 13 and 14 of R.E. (UE) n. 679/2016 (GDPR) and I consent to the processing of my personal data for the purposes set out in the privacy policy.



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