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"X-Release" mechanism

The optimal solution for the trigger lightening...
High sensitivity release mechanism

The "X-Release" mechanism is characterized by a low profile and a throat cut in the back designed to accommodate one of the "stems" of the particular torsion spring designed and built to greatly lighten the tension on the trigger during the firing phase.

The traditional helical spring has been replaced with a specific torsion spring particularly reactive, light and with a very low number of coils in order to greatly lighten the "force" exerted on the connecting pin, to the advantage of the accuracy of the shot.

The torsion spring of the new "X-Release" finds its natural housing in a location obtained directly on the bridge of the transverse plug. The spring is crossed and blocked by the stainless steel plug of four mm in diameter, not supplied, as it is already present in every hydraulic gun.
"X-Release" mechanism

The optimal solution for the trigger lightening...
Safety, reliability, sensitivity and performance improvement

To significantly reduce friction, the "X-Release" mechanism has been machined from the front to offer the least possible surface against the piston steel stem. The surface of the tooth, suitably polished, has been "radiated" in the section of contact with the piston, in order to offer less resistance during the release phase.

Unlike a traditional tooth, the surface of the new "X-Release" has no porosity or roughness of any kind. It is very smooth to the touch and light due to the elimination of a good section of steel especially in the back.

With a weight of about 6.5 gr, the release tooth "X-Release" is presented with a gradient of color "matte gray" resulting from the specific process of hardening and forging called "NITRIDING". This particular working process for special steels, allows to obtain a greater hardness of the finished product and a particular finishing, giving the whole resistance and unalterability by external agents.
Subjected to "Nitriding" a specific surface hardening process for special steels...

Surface of a traditional "Release" mechanish

Surface of an "X-Release" mechanish

Safety, reliability, sensitivity and remarkable performance improvement...
Safety, reliability, sensitivity and performance improvement

The small size of the main body of the release mechanism, together with the new torsion spring, make "X-Release" an indispensable component for the improvement of all air-powered spearguns with handle and release mechanism of traditional type. Easy to install and calibrate, it will allow from the first outputs to obtain more precise shots by virtue of the low coefficient of friction against the trigger and the internal components dedicated to the release of the piston.

The "X-Release" mechanism certainly represents another step forward towards the optimization of the technological components of pneumatic spearguns and, as tradition of STC Italia, the path will proceed with other steps, some smaller, others larger, but all necessary to be a reality always at the forefront.

In the sign of this continuous research and improvement, this release mechanism is proposed, remarkably lightened, with very low coefficient of friction but above all of great effectiveness and sensitivity in the final part of the fishing action.

The "X-Release" system is compatible with:

  • Mares Sten and Sten 11, Mares Reef, Mares Mirage, Mares Cyrano, Mares Jet, Mares Cyrano EVO, Mares Cyrano EVO HF, Mares Cyrano HFT, Mares Cyrano 1.3

  • Seac Ace, Seac Hunter, Seac Hunt, Seac Alligator, Salvimar Predathor and Predathor empty

  • Tigullio serie RAS

  • Omer Tempest, Omer Skorpion
...The path will proceed with other steps, some smaller, others larger, but all necessary to be a reality always at the forefront...


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