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E-shop guide

User guide


Choose from the list of product categories, the relevant section (eg: accessories for pneumatic spearguns, carbon barrels, etc ...).

If I want to buy no.3 Kit "X-Runner", in the section dedicated to accessories for pneumatic spearguns, in the space reserved for the kit, i'll digit No.3 in the box near the shopping cart symbol (add to cart). Then clicking on the symbol of the tray, the product will automatically enter the list of products ordered;

Then you will see the page that summarizes purchases. If you wish to add other items, you will have to click on the "Continue Shopping" below to return to the list of the categories. Otherwise, with the confirmation of the articles, the procedure will continue with the collection of data for the proper execution of the transaction.

Step 2 -

Data collection to proceed to the fulfillment of the order (including billing), you must also provide the tax code and all fields marked with an asterisk (*).

Step 3 - PAYMENT

It's possible to execute payments in the following ways:

  • Payment by credit card through the PayPal system;

  • Payment by bank transfer in advance.


It confirms the purchase order. The request is sent to STC Italia and a copy of the order, with order numbers attached, is sent to the email address of the purchaser.

Are also accepted orders sent by fax to: + +39 0583-56268

To fax an order modes of payment are accepted:

  • Bank transfer.

To confirm orders placed by fax or e-mail, STC Italia will contact the buyer at the address, telephone, fax or address mail indicated in the document.

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