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Line slider "X-Shot" 2.0
Ultralight hydrodynamic line slider
Very high smoothness and great resistance...
The slider with the retractable thread

"X-Shot" 2.0, the revolutionary line slider with retractable "pass-through", manages in just 13.0 mm in diameter (in the larger section) to supply the auction with totally new and non-existent hydrodynamic qualities in every current traditional shaft cursor.

In traditional line sliders, despite the reduction in overall dimensions and related diameters, the wire remains a "protruding" part outside the slider, capable of generating considerable friction and turbulence when the shaft is detached from the muzzle of the pneumatic speargun.

This is the characteristic that we wanted to overcome by making "X-Shot 2.0".
Minimal, light, resistant and hydrodynamic...
A wire-passing tunnel to defend the line

Designed to improve the hydrodynamics of the shaft as a whole, "X-Shot 2.0" incorporates the drop in the "retractable pass-through tunnel", avoiding the overlap on the line slide.

It means greater hydrodynamics of the entire system: shaft, monofilament and line slider.

Eliminating the eyelet of thread that overhangs the traditional line sliders reduces the surface in contact with water and the related turbulences.
Minimal, light, resistant and hydrodynamic...
"X-Shot" 2.0 front view
"X-Shot" 2.0 side view
"X-Shot" 2.0 rear view
...the journey will proceed with other steps, some smaller, some larger, but all necessary to be a cutting-edge reality...


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