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X-Shot 2.0 Shaft Slider

Hydrodynamic and lightweight shaft slider
Very high smoothness and high resistance

Available now

he new "X-Shot 2.0" slider comes from the particular experience of collaboration established between STC Italia and its Italian customer and fisherman (Mr. Pierluigi Pasco). The strong link between STC Italia and its customers has enabled the development of an innovative project coming from the actual needs of a fisherman in full respect of the principles of STC Italia.

The revolutionary slide ring with "line-section retractable" succeeds in only 13.0 mm of diameter (the larger cross-section) to provide hydrodynamic qualities.

In traditional slide ring despite the reduction of the overall dimensions and the relative diameters, the wire remains a part "protruding" and too external to the slider, capable of generating considerable friction and turbolence at the time of the detachment of the rod from the muzzle of the gun. This is the feature that STC Italia has overcome making "X-Shot 2.0" slider.

Realized to improve the hydrodynamics of the shaft, "X-Shot 2.0" avoid the overlapping of the nylon line (monofilament) on the slide ring. This result is a superior hydrodynamics of the entire system: shaft, monofilament and slide ring.

Eliminating the loop of the nylon line that overhangs the traditional slide ring we reduce the surface in contact with the water and the relative turbulence.

The small outside diameter makes total simultaneously lighter and more penetrating towards the meat of the fish, generating in the latter passage holes characterized by a section of smaller diameter if compared to what happens with traditional slide ring. "X-Shot 2.0" counteracts the liquid environment with a very small front free, protecting nylon line from damages.

"X-Shot 2.0" represents another step towards the optimization of the technological components of the pneumatic spearguns. STC Italia will proceed with other steps, some smaller, some larger, but all necessary to increase the optimization of the pneumatic spearguns.

In a sign of this continuing research and development, we propose a new slide ring greatly streamlined, high smoothness and very effective especially for extreme spearfishing.

From "Pesca Sub & Apnea" November 2014

For orders or futher technical details: info@stcitalia.net

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