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Self-lubricated pistons with very low coefficient of friction...
"X-Runner" system (self-lubricated pistons for pneumatic spearguns)

The X-Runner system consists of a piston that can be combined with all pneumatic class spearguns with an internal barrel of 13 mm, 12 mm and 11 mm, and a special fully redesigned cushioning bush that combines high-strength thermoplastic materials with high soundproofing power to a new and innovative design.

The special machining of the seats that host the o-rings, together with the PTFE-based lubricant (Teflon) supplied, allows the piston to slide inside the barrel at a speed higher than any other piston on the market. The friction of the rubber parts is clearly diminished, while maintaining the qualities of tightness of the gun’s pressure. The result is very long and fast shots in absolute safety and silence.
"X-Runner" pistons available for peumatic spearguns
with internal barrel of: 11,0 mm, 12,0 mm e 13,0 mm...
"X-Runner" pistons available for pneumatic spearguns:
Cressi, Mares, Seac, Tigullio
Omer "Airbalete", Omer "One Air", Omer "Air XII"...
New "X-Runner" amortization bushing

To complete the X-Runner system, we have developed a special amortization bushing, totally redesigned and revised in the structure and components most subject to wear.

The new "X-Runner" bushing consists of two technical elastomer elements, whose task is to better satisfy the violent stresses produced by the piston during the impact with the terminal part of the bushing.

The terminal elements guarantee an exceptional duration in time combined with a marked silence due to the special compounds of which they are composed.

The pistons of the "X-Runner" series meet the conicity criteria of the Mares standard.
High-strength amortization bushings with soundproofing power...

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