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X-Runner System

Our aim is reducing friction, ours piston are made by turning in a self lubricating material, it contains an hole for Grease, and we give a PTFE Grease (X-Grease).

The "X-Runner" System, is composed by a piston, usable with all types of pneumatic guns having an inner barrel diameter variable between 11,00 mm and 13,00 mm, and a special shock absorber completely redesigned that combines high strength thermoplastic materials with high acoustic power reduction.

he particular production process, allows the piston to slide inside the barrel at a speed higher than any other piston in trade. The friction of the rubber parts, has been significantly decreased, while maintaining unaltered the pressure of the weapon. The result is a very fast shot even at distances of all respect.

To complete the system "X-Runner", we have developed a special shock absorber, totally redesigned and revised in the structure and components.

he Shock absorber is the same mounted inside the "X-Power" System, made in a high tech elastomery that absorb and reduce the impact noise. The top part has the inner black, the down part is all red. This one absorb the piston's impact and even if it is red as the upper, it is more stronger than the upper part.

There is a bigger shock absorber's designed for 7,50 mm and 8,00 mm traditional shaft coded XRNRBOC/M. The traditional/standard shock absorber is coded XRNRBOC/N.

"X-Runner" available kit (only piston)

XRP11VAC Kit: Piston for 11,00 mm  inner barrel's guns and PTFE "X-Grease";

XRP13VAC Kit: Piston for 13,00 mm inner barrel's guns and PTFE "X-Grease";

XRPAIRVAC Kit: Piston for Omer Airbalete and PTFE "X-Grease".

"X-Runner" available kit (piston and shock absorber)

XRNR11VAC Kit: Piston for 11,00 mm inner barrel's guns, shock absorber and PTFE "X-Grease";

XRNR13VAC Kit: Piston for 13,00 mm inner barrel's guns, shock absorber and PTFE "X-Grease".

"X-Runner" pistons meet the criteria of Mares standard

Materials, sizes and types are subject to change without notice

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