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X-Power System

"P N E U M A T I C   S P E A R G U N S"

European Patented

The "X-Power" muzzle is composed by three forms in aluminium

Here is the composition of "X-Power".

he "A" form: is the first form, it is screwed at the inner barrel, it contains the shock absorber made in hight tech components it is also sound-absorbent. The "B" form is the medium one that stop the shock absorber. Once it is screwed on the first form it keep the gun's pressure. The "C" form is the last part of the muzzle, the one that realize the watertight. It contains a dynamic sealing system that allows the shaft to across it, but it doesn't allow the water to enter into the inner barrel of the gun.

The dynamic sealing system is made in gum mixture specially realized for "X-Power" in design and material. This seal is named dynamic because it open the inner face for the piston's pressure: the pression made by piston when a shot is fired. So the shaft will across the seal without touch it.

Production frames
“X-Power System”

Fasi di produzione
“X-Power System”

The "X-Power" benefit has no limitation: we obtain the watertight without modify the shaft. The shaft was no tools on it, it is a traditional shaft we only have to change the shaft-tail.

The "X-Power" Shaft-Tail is smaller than traditional one, it is roundish and without edges that may damage the seal when loading the shaft into the muzzle. We have to screw the shaft-tail together with a PTFE rubber and put it along the thead of the shaft. Please pay attention not to exceed on screwing it, in order to avoid modify the shaft tail design.

The washer is made in titanium, it is very light because we need to reduce the impactbetween shaft tail and washer. This washer has an inner hole that is complementary to the impact place of the shaft-tail

We recomend not to use metallic sliders.
They will damage the washer and may fit together shaft-tail and washer.

“X-Power System”

“X-Power System”

he "X-Power" system allows us using "X-Shaft Free". This is a shaft without shaft-tail and washer and it finished with a turning designed fot fitting into the piston. "X-Shaft Free" is more fastly then a traditional shaft because it has no frictions part and no shaft tail and washer, it is more silent because there is no rumors...

The "X-Shaft Free" keep its tajectory thanks to its mass, but for long guns we suggest you to try the smaller slider ring: xsf/sr.

The "X-Power" System support ten kinds of shaft. The diameters are: 6,50 mm - 6,75 mm - 7,00 mm - 7,50 mm ad 8,00 mm. Even for traditional than for shaft free.

The third form, named UNIVERSAL THIRD FORM (Terminale Universale) contains an inner box adeguated to the shaft (kind and diameter).

There are 10 kinds of Kit "TERMINALE UNIVERSALE", because of different kind of shaft and their diameter.

XPWR650C is the Kit Terminale Universale made for 6,50 mm traditional shaft;
XPWR675C is the Kit Terminale Universale made for 6,75 mm traditional shaft;
XPWR700C is the Kit Terminale Universale made for 7,00 mm traditional shaft;
XPWR750C is the Kit Terminale Universale made for 7,50 mm traditional shaft;
XPWR800C is the Kit Terminale Universale made for 8,00 mm traditional shaft.

XPWR650F is the Kit Terminale Universale made for 6,50 mm X-Shaft Free;
XPWR675F is the Kit Terminale Universale made for 6,75 mm X-Shaft Free;
XPWR700F is the Kit Terminale Universale made for 7,00 mm X-Shaft Free;
XPWR750F is the Kit Terminale Universale made for 7,50 mm X-Shaft Free;
XPWR800F is the Kit Terminale Universale made for 8,00 mm X-Shaft Free.

We can transfor an XPWR650C in a XPWR650F simply changing the inner Box !!!

It is necessary keeping homogeneity between shaft diameter/dynamic seal and shaft-tail (and washer)

When we want changing the shaft diameter, we only have to change the INNER BOX ( UNICOD... or UNIFRE...): if we are using a 7,00 mm traditional-shaft and we want use a 6,75 shaft free, we have changing the inner box we have into the third form and putting in it the UNIFRE675, than we have to take-off the dynamic seal in the third form and putting the seal for 6,75 mm shaft (XPT/675).

If we want use a 8,00 mm traditional shaft, then we have to unscrew the inner box (that for 7,00 mm shaft) and putting the UNICOD800, than we have to change the dynamic seal and put the 8,00 mm one (XPT/80), than we will have to screw on the 8,00 mm shaft the "X-Power" shaft-tail and washer.

Each measure of seal is marked, so that we can pick it out. The seal for 6,50 mm shaft is marked by one point, the one for 6,75 mm shaft is marked by the number 4, the 7,00 mm seal is marked with two point or with the number 2, the seal for 7,50 mm shaft is marked by number 5 and the XPT/80 is marked by three point.

The inner box for traditional shaft are named UNICOD* where "*" is the value of the diameter (6,50 mm shaft: UNICOD650, 6,75 mm shaft: UNICOD675....)

The Inner box for shaft FREE, are named UNIFRE* where "*" is the value of the diameters (7,50 mm shaft free: UNIFRE675, 8,00 mm shaft free: UNIFRE800...).

The First Form and the Second form make the Principal Kit


XPWR13 is for Mares STEN/Mirage, Cressi SL, Tigullio RAS, Salvimar Vintair (13,00 mm inner barrel);

XPWRASSO is for SEAC ASSO (13,00 mm inner barrel);

XPWRAIR made for Omer AirBalete (11,00 mm inner barrel);

XPWR11 for Mares Sten11, Mares Cyrano, Mares Stealth (11,00 mm inner barrel);

XPWRHF for SEAC HF (11,20 mm inner barrel).

The "X-Power" System is composed by: Kit PRINCIPALE + Kit TERMINALE UNIVERSALE.

If I've an Omer Airbalete with traditional 6,75 mm shaft, and I want to put on on the "X-Power" system I'll need: XPWRAIR+ XPWR675F;

If I've a Mares Sten11 with 7,00 mm traditional shaft and I want to put on on the "X-Power" System, I'll need: XPWR11+ XPWR700C;

If I've a SEAC ASSO with 7,50 mm "X-Shaft Free", and I want to put on the "X-Power" System, I'll need to take: XPWRASSO+ XPWR700F.

“X-Power” System is available in four different types:

  • For 13,00 mm. internal barrel (Cressi SL, Mares STEN, Mares Mirage, Tigullio RAS);

  • For 11,00 mm. internal barrel (Mares Cyrano, Mares Spark, Mares Stealth);


  • Special edition for Airbalete OMER (11,00 mm.);

  • Special edition for HF CACCIA SEAC (11,20 mm.);

  • Special edition for ASSO SEAC SUB (13,00 mm.);

  • Special edition for Mares Cyrano Evo/Evo HF (11,00 mm.).

“X-Power” System includes

  • 01 “X-Runner” shock absorber;

  • 01 6,50 mm, 6,75 mm , 7,00 mm, 7,50 mm o 8,00 mm shaft-tail;

  • 01 6,50 mm, 6,75 mm, 7,00 mm, 7,50 mm o 8,00 mm TITANIUM washer;

  • 02 dynamic saling systems (D.S.S.);

  • 01 grease packing for sealing system maintenance;

  • 03 "X-Power" System o-ring;

  • 01 Interactive DVD with instructions.

For orders or further technical details: info@stcitalia.net

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