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"X-Pin" reduction kit
The optimal solution for standard 3.0 mm pin reduction...

"X-Pin" reduction kit

The "X-Pin" kit, completely in AISI 316 steel, allows the installation of a 1.5 mm pin on oleopneumatic spearguns generally equipped with a 3.0 mm connection pin. The kit consists of three elements in AISI 316 stainless steel and two sealing elements. (OR).

The 1.5 mm pin, by virtue of the lower surface in contact with the sealing gasket, makes the trigger softer when fired and without jamming with consequent improvement of the pull in terms of sensitivity and precision.
Increased sensitivity when shooting...
Easy to install

Assembly of the kit is quick and easy. With the gun completely unloaded (make sure that the power variator is in the MAXIMUM POWER position), you must remove the trigger by acting on the special transversal fixing pin. 3.0 by means of a long or similar "beak" pliers/tool. We will therefore end the disassembly operations by unscrewing the "embedded" bush in the handle, also taking care to eliminate the sealing OR positioned at the bottom of the bush seat.

To install the "X-Pin" kit, just follow a few simple steps. The correct assembly sequence is the one indicated in the hole on the side. The quickest solution would be to have a "screwdriver" equipped with a central pin on which to mount the whole kit before installing it in the seat of the grip. In the absence of this accessory we install the elements in the following order:

  • Positioning of the sealing gasket (the OR of larger dimensions) on the "floor" of the seat obtained in the handle;
  • Positioning of the "centering" pin;
  • Installation of the steel "bush" after inserting the seal (the OR of smaller dimensions) in the seat obtained in the lower part;
  • Tighten (not excessively) with the help of a flat-tip "screwdriver";
  • Drop a drop or two of lubricant into the pin passage hole;
  • Install the pin without forcing so as not to damage the gasket located in the steel bush;
  • Reinstall the trigger and, after entering a few Atm of preload, check for leaks by acting on the trigger.
The absence of jamming is synonymous of greater precision...

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