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"X-Lube" lubrication
Persistence and performance increase...
Lubrication is a fundamental aspect

The results obtained with "X-Lube" allow to extend the duration of the lubrication of your pneumatic speargun by a minimum of three times, up to ten times compared with traditional lubricants. Thanks to the special compounds and the "PTFE" micronization, the quantity of product needed to cover a surface to be lubricated is about 8/10 times lower than a traditional lubricant. The extraordinary chemical formulation of the product allows the lubricant to create a "Teflon" microfilm inside the barrel, offering an unprecedented speed in expelling the piston.

Very few ml of product guarantee durability, outstanding performance and top-quality internal cleaning. Furthermore, "PTFE" is a plastic material and as such allows a strong reduction of noise, due to the movement of the lubricated organs. The possibility of working in very high load conditions guarantees long life without loss of performance even in the long term.
A "microfilm" based on "PTFE" for maximum smoothness...
Lubrication is a fundamental aspect

"X-Lube" is able to guarantee a dry film which prevents dust, residues and atmospheric agents from adhering to the lubricating surface. It is able to protect from humidity, steam and water; has passing salt spray test. Thanks to the special formulation it avoids dripping and the old unpleasant inconveniences due to the product replacement phase.

In the "X-Lube" lubricant, the micronization of the "PTFE" and the capillarity of the carrier oils can penetrate even in critical and difficult to lubricate points. The "PTFE" particles subjected to work load are deformed but do not allow the lubricating film to break while maintaining optimal lubrication. The result is an absolutely unprecedented level of lubrication in the field of pneumatic spearguns.

The low coefficient of friction allows to reduce the wear of the lubricated surfaces and therefore to guarantee a longer duration of the lubrication itself. "PTFE" is the plastic material having the lowest coefficient of friction resistance known by man, equal to 0.01 and equivalent to the friction developed by the rubbing of wet ice on wet ice. The lubricating film obtained with "X-Lube" is resistant to most acids, solvents and corrosive agents.
Persistence, water repellency, cleanliness and resistance...
Frictions elimination
High workloads
Cleaning of lubricated areas
Perfect lubrication is synonymous of high performance...


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