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Welcome to our e-Shop...

We check every order based on the items you have selected. In case of inconsistency between the items ordered you will be contacted so that the ordered material is suitable for your needs.
"X-Power System" speargun Kit ("X-Power" kit for all pneumatic spearguns)

To assemble a complete "X-Power" 2.0/3.0, you need:

  • Nr.01 Speargung Kit XP3
  • Nr.01 XP2.0 Shaft Kit (Standard or Free)
"X-Power System" Shaft Kit (Suitable for the type of shaft)

  • For "X-Shaft Free" shaft
  • For traditional/standard shaft with STC Italia tail and washer
  • For traditional/standard shaft with "Moongose" system
"X-Runner System" (High performance pistons for pneumatic shotguns)

  • Single high performance pistons for VACUUM spearguns
  • High performance amortization bushing for "X-Power" Kit 2.0
  • High performance amortization bushing for "X-Power" Kit 3.0

The pistons of the "X-Runner" series meet the "conicity" criteria of the Mares standard
"X-Release" (High sensitivity release mechanism)

Characterized by a low profile and a throat cut in the back designed to accommodate one of the "stems" of the particular torsion spring designed and built to greatly lighten the tension on the trigger during the firing phase.
"X-Pin" (Connection pin reduction kit)

Completely made of AISI 316 steel, it allows the installation of a 1.5 mm pin, on pneumatic spearguns generally equipped with a 3.0 mm connection pin. The kit consists of three AISI 316 stainless steel elements and two sealing elements.(OR).
"X-Shot 2.0" (The line slide with retractable wire)

The revolutionary "line slide" with retractable wire, capable to provide hydrodynamic qualities to the shaft in only 13.0 mm of diameter (in the largest section). "X-Shot 2.0" offers hydrodynamic qualities to the shaft totally new and non-existent in every current slider for traditional shaft.
"X-Shaft Free" (Rear wing spliced shaft with integrated shank)

It looks like a common Tahitian shaft, mono or double wing, but with two peculiar characteristics. A pass-through hole with an internal diameter of 2,00 mm made near the fin (at about 3 cm.) for the splicing of the line, and a terminal part, carefully worked to operate in direct contact with the piston inside the barrel.
"X-Shaft Free" MONO WING
"X-Shaft Free" DOUBLE WING
"X-Shaft Standard" (Traditional pneumatic speargun shaft)

Shaft for pneumatic speargun equipped with STC Itala tail and washer.
"X-Shaft" Standard MONO WING
"X-Shaft" Standard DOUBLE WING
"X-Lube" (98% PTFE-based liquid and grease lubricant)

Few "ml" of product guarantee durability, performance of absolute relief and perfect internal cleaning since the first application. The "PTFE" is also a plastic material and as such allows a sharp reduction in noise, due to the handling of lubricated mechanisms. The ability to work under very high load conditions ensures great durability without loss of performance even in the long period.
"Original spear parts" (Shaft kits, aluminium modules, gaskets D.S.S., o-ring, etc...)

  • Intermediate module compatible with "X-Power 1.0" and "X-Power 2.0" versions;
  • "X-Power" shaft kits for 2.0 and 3.0 versions;
  • Universal shaft kit for "X-Power" 1.0;
  • "X-Power" shaft kits for 1.0 version;
  • Steel tails and titanium washers/centerers;
  • Special seals (D.S.S. - Dynamic Sealing System)
Pneumatic spearguns "ready to spear"

Pneumatic spearguns of all brands and equipped with STC Itala components.

  • Cressi Sub
  • Mares
  • Seac
  • Tigullio
  • Salvimar
For technical or further informations please contact us by phone or directly to our e-mail address:


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