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Dynamic shutter for "X-Power" 2.0 and 3.0
vacuum systems...
"Mongoose-X" project for standard shafts ... the 3rd way

It is a complete kit dedicated to "X-Power" 2.0 and 3.0 consisting of two elements in acetal resin. In the front there is space for the compartment to accommodate the titanium shutter (3.0 gr.) and the seal seal (OR) while the lower part acts as a "floor" for the seal housed in the upper module. The terminal may be disassembled and inspected at any time to verify the integrity of the sealing element. There is no need for specific tools to disassemble the terminal; just unscrew the first part of the terminal to proceed with the inspection of the section containing the OR seal. All operations can be performed with the gun unarmed and under pressure, to allow the fisherman not to interrupt the day of fishing.
Two elements for "X-Power" vacuum muzzle...

"Terminal" installation (2 elements)

  • Before installing the plastic parts inside the "X-Power" muzzle, make sure that the sealing OR is correctly installed and positioned in the seat of the element indicated by the number "1" (Pict. 01);

  • Insert the module marked with the number "2", with the "flat" base facing "down" (Pict. 02);

  • With the aid of a "screwdriver" with a flat (wide) tip, screw module "2" until the end of the thread (Pict 02);

  • At the end, manually screw the module marked with the number "1" on the "X.Power" muzzle, taking care to tighten effectively (Pict. 03).
Pict. 01
Pict. 02
Pict. 03
Completely in Titanium.
Small size, lightness and versatility...

Titanium shutter installation

The dynamic shutter is made up of two Titanium elements.

  • The upper Element "A" and the lower element "C" (Pict. 01);

  • Between the two elements there is a sealing OR "B" which, at the end of the installation, will be positioned inside the element "C" (Pict. 01);

  • The letter "D" indicates the correct composition and installation of the shutter (Pict. 02).
Pict. 01
Pict. 02
"Mongoose" project ... the 3rd way...


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